Internet Radio Airplay

CD Baby artists get FREE Internet radio promotional airplay!

Get guaranteed promotional radio airplay and introduce your music to fans that already like your style or genre of music. Track your song ratings and learn what resonates with your listeners and what doesn’t. Attract new fans and increase your music’s reach with this music promotion tool.

In the first week of using Radio Airplay your songs will get played to 100 people. After that you’ll get 10 free spins every week — at no cost to you. And if you want to expand your reach, you can upgrade to Airplay Plus at any time. Get started below to explore how this advertising tool can help you grow your fan base!

radio airplay

Get radio airplay today

How it works:

1. Upload your music and target your listeners

Upload your songs and photos. Then select the popular artists whose music sounds most like your own. (Post Malone? Beyonce? Nirvana? The Beatles? It’s up to you!). Your songs will get added to playlists that include the artists you love.

2. Get played and make new fans

Your tracks will get played on Jango and other radio sites that feature the popular artists you choose. Have a new release coming out? Contact your radio fans and keep them up to date.

3. Get detailed listener reports

View statistics about who is hearing your music, where they live, and what station they were listening to. Do people like your music more in California or Germany? Do your fans like Coldplay more than Dylan? You’ll receive in-depth reports of your song’s promotional exposure!

Radio Airplay takes just minutes to set up and gives you free, guaranteed airplay to Internet radio listeners.

Radio Airplay is an advertising tool that connects musicians to new listeners. Artists do not receive royalties from airplays through this promotional platform. For more information go to